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Tuma is a little tribe's princess from the tropical Caribbean coast of Venezuela.

Her father is the tribe’s King and Guardian of their magical stone. Tuma always listened to her friend’s Loro (the parrot) stories about the Magical stone that bared her name.

Both of them were intrigued about the purpose of such beautiful gem, so one day Tuma and Loro ventured to faraway lands in search of the meaning of the magical stone...

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Published by Creative with Words in 1996, the learning of Nature and Geography of faraway lands through the story of Tuma comes alive in its picture book format...


"Violante has written a novel that is both epic in scale and yet intimate and even quaint thanks to her choice to write in her father's child voice. We see a mix of cultures, Italians, Arabs, and Jews together suffering the ravages of war, of violence and death, that ironically propels them to heights of humanity, reaffirming attributes of life through love and sacrifice. 'Innocent War' is a resonating novel that transports readers to a place and time uniquely tied to Italy. It is a great book for Italian  Americans to read as it stands as a tribute, not just to Violante's father, but to all children of war." - Primo Magazine

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